A Review Of Writing

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handwriting - the activity of writing by hand; "handwriting may be gradual and painful for one with arthritis"

→ كِتَابَة písmo skrift Schrift γραφή escrito, escritura kirjoitus écriture tekst scrittura 書いたもの 저작 schrijven skriving pisanie escrita писание skrift งานเขียน yazı bài viết 作品

"I feel writing does appear out of a deep perfectly of loneliness in addition to a desire to fill some form of gap" [Jay McInerney]

dramatic composition, dramatic work - a Engage in for performance within the stage or tv or inside of a Film and so forth.

Writing for any newspaper is like jogging a innovative war; you go into struggle not when you find yourself All set but when motion presents alone —Norman Mailer

n → Schrift f; (= act, job) → Schreiben nt; (= inscription) → Inschrift f; at time of writing → als dies geschrieben wurde; (in current) → während ich dies schreibe; in writing → schriftlich; permission in writing → schriftliche Genehmigung; to dedicate some thing to writing → etw schriftlich festhalten; This is certainly a fantastic piece of writing → das ist fantastisch geschrieben; his writings → seine Werke or Schriften; in someone’s very own writing (= not typed) → handgeschrieben; (= not prepared by sb else) → in jds eigener (Hand)schrift (dat); he earns a tiny bit from his writing → er verdient sich ein bisschen (Geld) mit Schreiben; the writing is on the wall for them → ihre Stunde hat geschlagen; he experienced seen the writing within the wall → er hat die Zeichen erkannt

one. the penmanship of someone, especially when Utilized in a crucial doc, as in an apostolic letter penned and signed by the pope.

make a difference - prepared is effective (particularly in books or Publications); "he often took some studying issue with him to the aircraft"

Joe made an effort to examine the writing on the opposite webpage → Joe tenta de lire les mots écrits en regard.

One discover more of the more impressive occasions, once the routine of bygone days awoke in me, was that which delivers it inside the law of literary propriety to offer the general public the sketch which I'm now writing.

in writing. a prepared information. geskrewe مَكْتوب писмен escrita písemný, psaný schriftlich skreven γραπτόςescrito kirjalik مکتوب؛ کتبی kirjallinen écritכתוב लिखित napisan írott; írva tertulis skrifaður, skriflegur scritto 書かれた 씌어진 parašytas rakstisks; rakstveida- geschrevenskriftlig, skrift-pisemny د create ماضي او دريم حالت escrito scris письменный písomný napisan pisan skriven, skriftlig เขียน yazılı 書面的 написаний لکھا ہوا được viết 书面的

one. to attract (letters or other sorts of script) on the floor, Specifically which has a pen or pencil on paper. They wrote their names over a sheet of paper; The kid has uncovered to go through and create; Be sure to compose in ink. skryf يَكْتُب пиша escrever psát schreiben skrive γράφωescribir kirjutama نوشتن kirjoittaa écrire לִכתוֹב लिखना pisati (le)ír menulis skrifa scrivere 書く (글자, 단어 등을) 쓰다 rašyti rakstīt menulis schrijvenskrivepisać ليكل، انشاء كول، تاليف كول escrever a scrie писать písať (na)pisati pisati skriva เขียน yazı yazmak 寫 писати لکھنا viết 写

segment, subdivision - a self-contained part of a bigger composition (created or musical); "he normally turns very first to the business enterprise area"; "the history of this do the job is talked about in the following area"

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